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Teriyaki Grilled Chicken on a pellet grill

August 9, 2018

Chicken teriyaki is an Asian recipe that is tried, tested and loved by all. A versatile dish that fits every occasion—be it a secluded winter night in or a summer garden barbecue! Want to make the ordinary taste richer and fuller? Well, here is a smoky twist on the original.


  • boneless, chicken breasts
  • 1/3 cup soy sauce
  • 2 tablespoons honey
  • 1 tablespoon fresh grated ginger
  • 1 garlic clove
  • 1 teaspoon grated onions
  • 1 teaspoon sesame seeds (lightly toasted)
  • 1/4 cup brown sugar
  • 1/4 cup water
  • 2 tablespoon rice wine vinegar
  • 2 scallions


  • Slightly flatten the chicken breasts and transfer them to a large zip-lock bag.
  • To make the marinade, carefully combine the soy sauce, water, scallions, brown sugar, ginger, garlic, onions, honey and vinegar in a medium sized pan.
  • Boil the watery mixture and allow it to reduce and simmer for ten to fifteen minutes till the marinade is thick and viscous in consistency.
  • Cool the sauce completely before pouring it over the chicken and rubbing it in gently. Make sure that the chicken breasts are covered liberally in the marinade.
  • Seal the zip-lock bag and refrigerate it for 5-6 hours or overnight so that the mixture settles into the chicken and gives a potent flavour.
  • Drain the chicken breasts and discard the leftover marinade.
  • On a pellet grill, for example, the Traeger Grill, turn the smoke setting on. Leave the grill with the lid open for a few minutes until the fire entrenches.
  • Preheat the grill for fifteen minutes on 350 degrees with the lid closed.
  • Cook the chicken for approximately forty to fifty minutes or until the skin is crisp and golden-ish brown. Also, make sure its not pink in the middle
  • Make sure to flip the breasts at least once to avoid it from sticking to the grill grates.
  • Sprinkle the chicken with lightly toasted sesame seeds and serve with a drizzle of hot sauce and a fresh salad!


  1. The soy sauce can either be eliminated or be replaced by Braggs amino acids.
  2. A stevia-based sweetener can be substituted as honey.
    Feel free to substitute the ground ginger with some fres ones.
  3. Make two batches and freeze one to use for later!
  4. It is a really impressive dish that’s easy and convenient to make, especially if you have one of top pellet smokers, for information on the top models, visit website. Its readily available ingredients and plain sailing nature make it the cook’s favourite; and its crunchy, juicy texture and smoky taste make it the diner’s favourite! Popular accompaniments of smoky grilled chicken teriyaki are rice, boiled vegetables (crisp-tender), fresh salads, flatbread, seeded bread, pasta (generally longer cuts of pasta like bigoli, bucatini, spaghetti, vermicelli, ziti etc) or Japanese noodles.
  5. This recipe serves 6 and each serving of 140 grams is worth 250 calories. This food is high in protein (30 grams), healthy fats (11 grams) and sodium (144 grams).

How to make milk coffee without a coffee maker. 

January 8, 2014

Imagine you are getting late for your office and you desperately need a cup of strong coffee but as soon as you turn on your brewer you find that it is not working or imagine you are out with your family on a vacation but the hotel does not have a brewer, what would you do? A cup of coffee in the morning is as important as getting up on time if you do not get up on time things do not take place on time same is with coffee if you do not get your cup of coffee in the morning on time other things do not go in the right direction. first of all, if any of this happens do not panic as people in this world use to drink coffee even when brewers were not invented. 

There are a lot of methods through which you can make delicious coffee, you can use coffee bags, strainer, instant coffee or you can make coffee in the traditional way, the way which is in use since ages. 

Ingredients – 

  1. Sugar
  2. Coffee
  3. Full cream milk
  4. whisk
  5. water
  6. Pan


  • First of all, take a pan and add full cream or skim milk in it, wait till it boils. Once it is boiled, reduce the heat level now take a cup and add 1teaspoon of coffee in it, espresso would taste better than the other varieties. you can add two teaspoons of brown sugar or as per your needs.
  • Add six to seven drops of water or milk, watch the number of water drops you are adding because you need coffee cream and not a solution, use a spoon and blend all the ingredients for forming better quality cream use a whisk, whisk till it becomes smooth, the color must be light brown.
  • Now take another cup and add 1/2 teaspoon ground coffee, use a spoon to add some cream to the second cup.
  • Time to add some warm milk, make sure you stir properly and then add more milk and sprinkle some coffee on the top. 

We all have become very fond of modern machines, fond of the convenience that they give us but in the past, there were no such machines and people were still happy with their cup of coffee, brewers are new to the world of coffee making stoves are not. there are several times when you can not taste the convenience that is the time to live the old days of simplicity where it all depended on you, your magic. so if next time there is no electricity or if you brewer suddenly starts behaving weirdly do not panic just take it as a chance to live the old golden days and for a cup of coffee, all you need is fresh milk, fresh water, coffee, sugar and your magic. sometimes it is good to treat your self with a cup of coffee which you make and not your brewer. 


Guidelines for Moka Pot Coffee 

November 22, 2013

Coffee can be more than a priority for people in today’s world where everybody is busy doing his or her work and have no time for themselves, they find peace, happiness in that one cup of coffee and for some number is just not one cup it can be 6-7 cups per day henceforth their mood and day totally depend on the coffee they are drinking, there are a lot of options in the market when it comes to brewers and Moka Pots are one of them. 

The best thing about Moka Pots’ is that they are stovetop brewers which helps them in producing strong coffee. It works with pressure when you keep it on the stove it simply uses pressure and coffee made under pressure is said to be the best by a lot of coffee experts this is the only reason even today people prefer french press as the French press is all about pressure.  

Things you will require are a grinder, scale, Moka pot, timer, kettle and of course coffee. 

Steps – 

  1. The first thing that you need to do is pick up your grinder and grind 22 – 24 grams of coffee grounds, grind them as per your preference.
  2. It’stime to fill your Moka Pot with water, fill only half of it and boil the water, make sure that the water is fresh as fresh water gives a better taste to your coffee. 
  3. Mokapot has a filter basket, you need to fill it with coffee, make sure you shake as it helps in settling the grounds, once done with this simply place it into the last compartment. 
  4. Turn on your stove and reduce the level of heat to medium, once done place yourMokapot on it. 
  5. Whenever you head a bubbling or hissing sound, you will get to know that your coffee is ready to be served but if by any chance you see it is burbling then turn up the heat level or if you feel it is exploding upwards then it means that the water is too hot.

Pros and cons 

The only thing in the section of pros I would say is that it makes delicious coffee and can even give you espresso like coffee with a very little expense but in the section cons I have a thing or two to say, the thing with Moka Pots is that you need to master the art or else it would result in a bitter cup of coffee, there is thin line between bitter and strong and apart from this while using a Moka pot one needs to be careful as it works with heat and pressure. 

How to clean it? 

Cleaning a Moka Pot is as simple as boiling water, let your pot cool down once it is at room temperature, you will need to unscrew it to take out the basket once you are done unscrewing turn the basket upside down simply knock the box or gently blow. That’s all about the cleaning. 


The Valuable Brewed Coffee

September 17, 2013


If you are looking for one of the best coffee makers then you are at the right place. We have reviewed one of the best coffee makers for you. Here you will get all the details that you require before buying one as each and every coffee lover knows the value of a rightly brewed coffee. 

If you’re a little tight on money, have a small family and looking for something near best or the best then ‘BUNN MCU Single Cup Multi-Use’ is the one for you or if you have a lot of coffee lovers in your family then “BUNN NHS Velocity Brew 10 Cup” is for you 

However, if you own a café where uninterrupted supply of coffee is required “BUNN 33200.0015 is the one for you as it comes with 2 warmers and 2 glass decanters (20.2 x 8 x 16.2)  

Bunn is a complete package, has a high number of brand Loyalty, Reliability, speed, options and taste and bunn not only stays with you till the time you are purchasing it, it even stays after that their customer service is one of the best .if the product is faulty it is replaced without any chaos. Bunn is a global brand for obvious reasons. 

BUNN 33200.0010 VPR APS Commercial Pour Over Air Pot Coffee Brewer 

This brewer insulates so there are no warming plates, it is similar to the BUNN VPR model just taller. it is highly recommended for medium-sized workplaces. 

With this brewer, you would never find a mess on the counter as it directly dispenses coffee into the airpot.

Brewing – 

one simple task, fill the chamber, the one at the top with cold water and within seconds your coffee will start to brew and it would directly dispense the coffee into the airpots which are 1.9 L to 3 L.  

convenient – 

There is no need of water connections, no plumbing at all as it uses the pour over feature,  it is made up of stainless steel so it is very simple to clean it and it keeps others safe as it comes with Splashgard, it gives quick service. 


Pros – 

  1. 60 cups of coffee hourly
  2. Highly portable, no plumbing.
  3. Airports make traveling easy 
  4. Never burns the beverage

cons – 

  1. Can’t fit in kitchen cabinets, needs a lot of counter space
  2. Doesn’t come with anairpot


Verdict – 

It is a beautiful coffee maker, doesn’t create a mess, keeps everyone safe, durable, no plumbing and highly portable. simply amazing for a church, restaurant or offices with high demand. The biggest trouble with this particular model is that you need to separately buy an airpot. 

Bunn is all about commitment, simplicity and innovation  they don’t just stay with you till the time you are purchasing any of their product they stay with you even after that, they have one of the best customer services they treat their customers as their own family, if something is broken when you receive it they replace it without any hassle . 



August 13, 2013

Most of the cutthroat razors come with the blade which simply folds, this design was invented somewhere in the 1680s by an English man, till 1880’s straight razors ruled the kingdom of shaving as there was no competition but in the 1880’s safety razors were invented. Now the Barber’s razors are making a comeback 

Cutthroats only come with one single blade which simply needs sharping throughout its life. There are two methods by which a razor can be sharpened  

  1. Stropping 
  2. Honing 

Talking about honing, hone is just a stone which is used to sharpen the edges of your cutthroat razor, in the market where there is a lot of competition all sizes and shapes of hones are available you name it and you get it and with numerous shapes and size there are a variety of techniques too. 

Second part of sharpening you cutthroat is stropping, it is nothing more than a leather or a cotton cloth, it is used for realigning the razor so that you can get one of the best shaves, although it is just a cloth it is an art as well realigning your razor requires skill, patience, practice and time. 

Straight razors are all about the value that they hold, the experience and the thick blade which does magic to your beard. the art of re-sharping needs to be done only twice a year once you learn the art you are good to go, most of the cutthroats come with a super strong 3-inch blade and of course it is wider than what a shavette or a safety razor can offer, a source also give you a wide variety to choose from when it comes to handles, you get different types of wooden handles and even plastic handles, shaving with a straight razor is no less than an art, it makes you feel manly.  

Straight razor makes you invest once for next 40 years and that sound nice as it helps you in saving money, you do not have to waste money in buying a new razor all the time as safety razors can only give you 4-5 shaves and then you need to change the blades, like everything else straight razors too have their minor cons 

  • You need the practice to work with straight razors
  • It only comes with one blade and if that anyhow gets damaged you will need to buy a new razor

 The disposable blade razor was first made by Dovo Manufacturer, shavettes come with a double disposable blade which can easily be swapped out and in of your shavettes. The best thing about a shavette is that you don’t have to re-sharpen it, no stropping and no honing is required if your blade gets dull you can simply change it. The biggest trouble with shavettes is that they are flimsy and are not worth the price, they come with a very small blade whereas straight razors come with 3-inch blades and talking about the blades you will have to spend money on the blades till the time you are using shavettes. 

Both of the razors have their own pros and cons now it depends on your needs, on the amount you are ready to invest and one thing about straight razors is that you need to be patient if you are not then you are going to have a lot of cuts on your face, straight razors require their own sweet time there is a reason they are called cutthroats, but straight razors give one of the best shaves in the worldwide they hold the experience to satisfy the person who is using it.



June 10, 2013


Red copper pans come with an extra tough ceramic copper which makes it durable. It comes with double power as it has copper and non-stick ceramic, talking about the weight it comes in the category of lightweight. people get confused between lightweight and the ability to be strong, the red copper pan is strong which makes sure that it does not peel into your amazing food.

Red copper pan is basically copper-infused and even has a mom-stick surface, it allows you cook whatever you want to without butter or oil, it can be easily used for baking, it comes with a handle, tired of caramelizing sugar because it sticks to your pan? if you go for Redcopper pan then you do not have to worry about it as it won’t stick to the surface as it is non-stick.



Talking about the Copper chef pan reviews by Solid Gold Eats, then let me tell you it is one super pan, six in one, square in shape, non-stick, works in all types of stoves – Gas, induction, oven. you can roast, steam, wok and even bake in it, it helps you in making your kitchen look more spacious and classy.


This Square pan is extra deep with new generation technology ( ceramic tech), not 100 percent copper, give you the control, heats up super fast. Non-stick, PTFE, CHEMICAL, and PFOA free. Easy to clean, super strong and highly durable. above all an all-rounder.



Red Copper Pan 

This pan comes with a guarantee which states that it is going to stay scratch- free for its entire life, you can easily bake in it but only till 500 degrees as beyond it, it is not safe. you can cook your food without using any type of grease, you can make anything in this pan- desserts, bake chicken, broil fish.

Copper Chef Pan 

You can actually expect things from this pan like amazing food, it comes with a 5 layer construction and what makes it so different is its design and the feature that it is a six in one. now you do not need to buy six different cookware one is more than enough and this one pan is going to stay with you for years as it is made that strong and it is even scratch free.


The red copper pan can be easily used in an oven but only up to 500 degrees whereas if it is copper chef pan then it can go up till 800 degrees. Red copper pan uses only non-stick ceramic layer which is tough whereas copper chef pan comes with 5 layer construction with a non-stick base and the base is even made up of stainless steel.

That’s all for the battle between copper chef pan and red copper pan, both are good at their own place but if I have to buy one of these I would prefer copper chef pan as it has more features.

copper pan

The very best method of brewing coffee 

May 29, 2013

As the population is increasing the demand for coffee is increasing as well, ever one has different taste buds and different requirement when it comes to coffee, some prefer a strong cup of coffee and some prefer a light cup with so many preferences there are the same number of brewers and techniques available in the market but the question is which technique is the best now each technique has its own plus and minus points. 

A lot of coffee experts recommend french press if one needs the best cup of coffee, basically, the French press gives you one of the best flavors, how? it actually makes direct contact with the water and it makes sure that the water and coffee are under high pressure, the pressure is essential when it comes to flavor as it helps in giving your coffee the fullest and the best flavor. if you prefer espressos then you must go for an Aeropress as it uses the same technique. In the market, there are numerous ways in which you can brew coffee like pour over and drip. coffee is something which can make or break your day so one does not feel like taking any chances with it, you want the best cup of coffee to start your day with. French press is the best as it simply works with pressure, it basically extracts the flavor from the grounds, it just steeps for about 5 minutes 

BUNN plans to bring a positive difference in the world of brewers, BUNN is on a mission to one of the best service and best brewer provider in the world, it has 5 strategic objectives and Quality is one of them. 

 BUNN’S French press comes with an LCD display and a touchpad, it even allows you to directly grind the coffee grounds and you can easily pre-program it too and the grinder is quite fast as it has a torque motor, it allows you to extract maximum flavor from the coffee. 

let’s tale about BUNN TRIFECTA, it is an automatic Aeropress, it is a revolutionary innovation in the world of brewers it gives your barista the actual ability to control and till now there is no other machine which can be compared with BUNN TRIFECTA, this machine is strong and even sturdy, it does not even take much counter space.  

People nowadays love coffee more than anything else and what people demand is what manufactures makes but something which can give you the best cup of coffee is a french press, why? because makes contact between coffee and water with a lot of pressure, it is one of the oldest forms of making coffee. people who value coffee they value french press as well, there is not much to do with a french press and on the same hand it has a lot to do with your coffee, it makes coffee an art which makes your morning, it extracts all the flavor from the coffee grounds. 




How To Brew Your Coffee At Home

February 10, 2013

When you buy a coffee maker what do you think? what would you do with it? make coffee? that’s all? basically, coffee brewers are just to make delicious coffee but what if I tell you that you can cook your breakfast as well in it, let me tell you, you are not just buying a coffee maker, it is a boiler as well, what about making boiled eggs and oats in it? 

Ever thought like this? if not its time to think in this direction as well. Whether you are a hostel student and just have your brewer or you are stuck in a hotel your brewer can be your guardian angel, how? you can actually cook food in your brewer, how? Read further. 

Cooking in a brewer might not sound one of the best ideas but surprisingly it is, there are 3 different ways in which you can use your brewer to cook a meal or two 

A) Steam

Yes, you can definitely use your brewer as a steamer, ever noticed the basket which is on the top? that basket can be used as a steamer, chop some broccoli or cauliflower and place in the basket. 

B) Grill

Now you can give me a shocked look, but hello this is possible, it can be a little time consuming, and even a little advance as compared to steaming but if you have a lot of time and your mind is stuck at the beauty of a cheese grilled sandwich then you can definitely use the burner of your brewer as your grill. 

C) Poach

You can easily poach chicken (how to) or a fish in the carafe which is at the bottom and you can even make oats or can even boil eggs in it. 

Till now you were just aware of the fact that your brewer can only make coffee, the different type of amazing coffee but now you know another fact that your brewer is just not a brewer it is a boiler, steamer and a grill as well, how cool is this? when brewers were invented nobody thought of using them in some other way now that the world is changing the people living in it are changing there is a change in the way of thinking as well, you just need to think and that’s all. if you are in a hurry in a morning but you are very much concerned about your health and you just have 10 minutes to eat and to cook your breakfast, do not worry your brewer will recuse you, you can make a cup of coffee and a bowl of oats within few minutes.

Make sure when you are using your brewer for a purpose like cooking a meal you clean it properly and if you are using a coffee maker which is in your hotel room cleaning it before using it as I do not think you wish to fall sick, people in hotels do not clean their brewers that often so cooking a meal in it is only an option if you clean it on the first hand. 


Bunn Coffee Brewer

January 8, 2013

Here are some of our recommendations according to different needs and all the factors mentioned above. 

Bunn 13300.0001 VP17-1SS Coffee Brewer– This brewer is designed as a tank, in a compact size, you get 1 warmer and within 60 minutes it gives you almost 4 gallons of brewed coffee. it can be used for personal use (manual) but we would recommend you to use it in a restaurant where there is average demand for coffee.

Bunn VPR Commercial 12-Cup Brewer- this coffee maker is designed for a workplace where an uninterrupted supply of coffee is needed. it comes with 2 tanks, 2 warmers and 2 glass decanters and it is affordable. 

Bunn GRB Velocity Brewer– This machine comes with a capacity of making 4 to 10 cups within 3 minutes, well-designed funnel and porcelain coated warming plate.  

Bunn MCU – The Bunn MCU is one of the best single serve coffee makers, it has been in the picture for years now. it is flexible and even versatile in nature, it is even lighter in weight and has 4 different brewing trays  

Bunn NHS – this machine is for people who love drip coffee maker and are little impatient when it comes to waiting for the coffee, this brewer is fast and doesn’t even take much space 

Bunn VPR -APS – this airport pour over is portable, needs no plumbing and comes with shower heads. 

Now, in short, you know about one of the best coffee brewers but now it is time to know about the NHS Velocity brewer, there is something amazing about it. 

BUNN NHS Velocity Brew Home Coffee Brewer 

This brewer is the new definition for the drip coffee makers as it is fast, simple, easy to use and worth the value. 


BUNN NHS uses displacement procedure and that’s why it is one of the fastest drip brewers comes with 2 water tanks.  

Brewing in BUNN NHS is easy, 2 simple steps add ground coffee in the filters and fill the tank in the same proportion you need the coffee, that’s all. 

Within 3 minutes it can brew at least 40 – 50oz of coffee. Internal tank is for the heating part, more coffee means the same amount of water.

Convenient – 

No wastage at all, if coffee is more than required you can keep the leftover in the carafe with the brewer plugged on and have a hot cup of coffee later. 

8 to 10 cups of coffee within few minutes in a DRIP BREWER and it just requires pressing a button (one-touch process).

Pros – 

  1. Comes with a multi-stream spray head which means coffee grounds are evenly sprayed. 
  2. Cleverly designed funnel, mess-free coffee 
  3. Comes with 3-year warranty 
  4. Can easily find space on the counter. 


  1. Regular cleaning is a must and time taking as well.
  2. Like other BUNN brewers, it’s always on.

Verdict – 

This particular model is designed for drip coffee lovers as they always complained about the time drip coffee makers took, fast and convenient drip coffee brewer is here ‘BUNN NHS’.