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Most of the cutthroat razors come with the blade which simply folds, this design was invented somewhere in the 1680s by an English man, till 1880’s straight razors ruled the kingdom of shaving as there was no competition but in the 1880’s safety razors were invented. Now the Barber’s razors are making a comeback 

Cutthroats only come with one single blade which simply needs sharping throughout its life. There are two methods by which a razor can be sharpened  

  1. Stropping 
  2. Honing 

Talking about honing, hone is just a stone which is used to sharpen the edges of your cutthroat razor, in the market where there is a lot of competition all sizes and shapes of hones are available you name it and you get it and with numerous shapes and size there are a variety of techniques too. 

Second part of sharpening you cutthroat is stropping, it is nothing more than a leather or a cotton cloth, it is used for realigning the razor so that you can get one of the best shaves, although it is just a cloth it is an art as well realigning your razor requires skill, patience, practice and time. 

Straight razors are all about the value that they hold, the experience and the thick blade which does magic to your beard. the art of re-sharping needs to be done only twice a year once you learn the art you are good to go, most of the cutthroats come with a super strong 3-inch blade and of course it is wider than what a shavette or a safety razor can offer, a source also give you a wide variety to choose from when it comes to handles, you get different types of wooden handles and even plastic handles, shaving with a straight razor is no less than an art, it makes you feel manly.  

Straight razor makes you invest once for next 40 years and that sound nice as it helps you in saving money, you do not have to waste money in buying a new razor all the time as safety razors can only give you 4-5 shaves and then you need to change the blades, like everything else straight razors too have their minor cons 

  • You need the practice to work with straight razors
  • It only comes with one blade and if that anyhow gets damaged you will need to buy a new razor

 The disposable blade razor was first made by Dovo Manufacturer, shavettes come with a double disposable blade which can easily be swapped out and in of your shavettes. The best thing about a shavette is that you don’t have to re-sharpen it, no stropping and no honing is required if your blade gets dull you can simply change it. The biggest trouble with shavettes is that they are flimsy and are not worth the price, they come with a very small blade whereas straight razors come with 3-inch blades and talking about the blades you will have to spend money on the blades till the time you are using shavettes. 

Both of the razors have their own pros and cons now it depends on your needs, on the amount you are ready to invest and one thing about straight razors is that you need to be patient if you are not then you are going to have a lot of cuts on your face, straight razors require their own sweet time there is a reason they are called cutthroats, but straight razors give one of the best shaves in the worldwide they hold the experience to satisfy the person who is using it.

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