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How to make milk coffee without a coffee maker. 

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Imagine you are getting late for your office and you desperately need a cup of strong coffee but as soon as you turn on your brewer you find that it is not working or imagine you are out with your family on a vacation but the hotel does not have a brewer, what would you do? A cup of coffee in the morning is as important as getting up on time if you do not get up on time things do not take place on time same is with coffee if you do not get your cup of coffee in the morning on time other things do not go in the right direction. first of all, if any of this happens do not panic as people in this world use to drink coffee even when brewers were not invented. 

There are a lot of methods through which you can make delicious coffee, you can use coffee bags, strainer, instant coffee or you can make coffee in the traditional way, the way which is in use since ages. 

Ingredients – 

  1. Sugar
  2. Coffee
  3. Full cream milk
  4. whisk
  5. water
  6. Pan


  • First of all, take a pan and add full cream or skim milk in it, wait till it boils. Once it is boiled, reduce the heat level now take a cup and add 1teaspoon of coffee in it, espresso would taste better than the other varieties. you can add two teaspoons of brown sugar or as per your needs.
  • Add six to seven drops of water or milk, watch the number of water drops you are adding because you need coffee cream and not a solution, use a spoon and blend all the ingredients for forming better quality cream use a whisk, whisk till it becomes smooth, the color must be light brown.
  • Now take another cup and add 1/2 teaspoon ground coffee, use a spoon to add some cream to the second cup.
  • Time to add some warm milk, make sure you stir properly and then add more milk and sprinkle some coffee on the top. 

We all have become very fond of modern machines, fond of the convenience that they give us but in the past, there were no such machines and people were still happy with their cup of coffee, brewers are new to the world of coffee making stoves are not. there are several times when you can not taste the convenience that is the time to live the old days of simplicity where it all depended on you, your magic. so if next time there is no electricity or if you brewer suddenly starts behaving weirdly do not panic just take it as a chance to live the old golden days and for a cup of coffee, all you need is fresh milk, fresh water, coffee, sugar and your magic. sometimes it is good to treat your self with a cup of coffee which you make and not your brewer. 

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