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How To Brew Your Coffee At Home

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When you buy a coffee maker what do you think? what would you do with it? make coffee? that’s all? basically, coffee brewers are just to make delicious coffee but what if I tell you that you can cook your breakfast as well in it, let me tell you, you are not just buying a coffee maker, it is a boiler as well, what about making boiled eggs and oats in it? 

Ever thought like this? if not its time to think in this direction as well. Whether you are a hostel student and just have your brewer or you are stuck in a hotel your brewer can be your guardian angel, how? you can actually cook food in your brewer, how? Read further. 

Cooking in a brewer might not sound one of the best ideas but surprisingly it is, there are 3 different ways in which you can use your brewer to cook a meal or two 

A) Steam

Yes, you can definitely use your brewer as a steamer, ever noticed the basket which is on the top? that basket can be used as a steamer, chop some broccoli or cauliflower and place in the basket. 

B) Grill

Now you can give me a shocked look, but hello this is possible, it can be a little time consuming, and even a little advance as compared to steaming but if you have a lot of time and your mind is stuck at the beauty of a cheese grilled sandwich then you can definitely use the burner of your brewer as your grill. 

C) Poach

You can easily poach chicken (how to) or a fish in the carafe which is at the bottom and you can even make oats or can even boil eggs in it. 

Till now you were just aware of the fact that your brewer can only make coffee, the different type of amazing coffee but now you know another fact that your brewer is just not a brewer it is a boiler, steamer and a grill as well, how cool is this? when brewers were invented nobody thought of using them in some other way now that the world is changing the people living in it are changing there is a change in the way of thinking as well, you just need to think and that’s all. if you are in a hurry in a morning but you are very much concerned about your health and you just have 10 minutes to eat and to cook your breakfast, do not worry your brewer will recuse you, you can make a cup of coffee and a bowl of oats within few minutes.

Make sure when you are using your brewer for a purpose like cooking a meal you clean it properly and if you are using a coffee maker which is in your hotel room cleaning it before using it as I do not think you wish to fall sick, people in hotels do not clean their brewers that often so cooking a meal in it is only an option if you clean it on the first hand. 

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