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Guidelines for Moka Pot Coffee 

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Coffee can be more than a priority for people in today’s world where everybody is busy doing his or her work and have no time for themselves, they find peace, happiness in that one cup of coffee and for some number is just not one cup it can be 6-7 cups per day henceforth their mood and day totally depend on the coffee they are drinking, there are a lot of options in the market when it comes to brewers and Moka Pots are one of them. 

The best thing about Moka Pots’ is that they are stovetop brewers which helps them in producing strong coffee. It works with pressure when you keep it on the stove it simply uses pressure and coffee made under pressure is said to be the best by a lot of coffee experts this is the only reason even today people prefer french press as the French press is all about pressure.  

Things you will require are a grinder, scale, Moka pot, timer, kettle and of course coffee. 

Steps – 

  1. The first thing that you need to do is pick up your grinder and grind 22 – 24 grams of coffee grounds, grind them as per your preference.
  2. It’stime to fill your Moka Pot with water, fill only half of it and boil the water, make sure that the water is fresh as fresh water gives a better taste to your coffee. 
  3. Mokapot has a filter basket, you need to fill it with coffee, make sure you shake as it helps in settling the grounds, once done with this simply place it into the last compartment. 
  4. Turn on your stove and reduce the level of heat to medium, once done place yourMokapot on it. 
  5. Whenever you head a bubbling or hissing sound, you will get to know that your coffee is ready to be served but if by any chance you see it is burbling then turn up the heat level or if you feel it is exploding upwards then it means that the water is too hot.

Pros and cons 

The only thing in the section of pros I would say is that it makes delicious coffee and can even give you espresso like coffee with a very little expense but in the section cons I have a thing or two to say, the thing with Moka Pots is that you need to master the art or else it would result in a bitter cup of coffee, there is thin line between bitter and strong and apart from this while using a Moka pot one needs to be careful as it works with heat and pressure. 

How to clean it? 

Cleaning a Moka Pot is as simple as boiling water, let your pot cool down once it is at room temperature, you will need to unscrew it to take out the basket once you are done unscrewing turn the basket upside down simply knock the box or gently blow. That’s all about the cleaning. 

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